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Thanks in advance. -Madura Shantha- Code as if the next guy to maintain.

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Cal the ComputeStatistics fumction on Word.Document object passing it an enum WdStatistic with value equal to wdStatisticPages.

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Displays the word count in pages for mac. How to add word count in pages. the Page Number From the First Page of a Document in Microsoft Word:.Almost all of the tasks which we perform on word 2003 can be done.Hi, I use OpenXML SDK to create word documents but I need to know the number of page of each document.

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How could I count the number of occurances of a word in a Word table column.

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To count the pages in MSWord document, we need to follow following steps: Create an object of Word Application.I have a program that opens a word document and fills it with data.In the footer there is some data, but i also want the page count in the footer Which updates after.Describes how you can use automation with Word to determine the number of pages in each section of a document.

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However, what if you have a lot of documents in one folder for which you.

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Do the following steps to count the words in word document. Within word count window you can see the full page information like page no,.

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How to select a range of pages from whole document in Word. select a range of pages from a Word document:.