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Hello, I recently purchased a cat who had what is referred to as stud tail.Stud Tail: This really is triggered by glands close to the tail that excrete.

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Slideshow: Skin Problems in Cats. stud tail refers to overactive glands on the top of the tail.Stud tail is commonly seen in intact male cats but can also be seen in neutered males and females.

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Cat Health Home Remedies. Cats may sometimes develop a condition known as cat stud tail,. however, acne in cats may cause their good source of aesthetic.

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Their long and bushy raccoon-like tail is resistant to sinking in snow,.

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Pictures here show you examples of the cat stud tail and how you can clear it up with the.Nothing works as super and easy as this stud tail soap created by a Persian cat breeder while showing a white cat.

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Treatment of cases of feline acne and stud tail involves removal of excess sebum and hence prevention of comedone formation and.

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Stud tail is another potential condition, often affecting intact males.

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How to Diagnose and Treat Stud Tail in Cats. It results from excess oil buildup and manifests in growths similar to human acne.Treating pyoderma involves taking care of the underlying cause and the infection itself. Treating Feline Acne.

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Basic Health Care for Cats. Author. Other possible causes of scratching include fleas, lice, eczema, allergies, or stud tail (in male cats).

A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, and the Cat-astrophe Flip Chart shows your clients examples of the many problems commonly encountered when grooming.Answers: Treatment Treatment of cases of feline acne and stud tail involves removal of excess sebum and hence prevention of comedone formation and secondary infection.Stud Tail: This is caused by glands near the tail that excrete excessive oils.Cat ownership, (ok who am I kidding, I meant being owned by a cat), is a huge responsibility.

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I tried to clear the tail up myself to no avial, so I went to a vet. She.